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Give Your Child an Edge in Math

100,000 math problems are solved every month on CarrotSticks. Join the fun!

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CarrotSticks is an online multiplayer game that improves math skills and understanding for 1st - 5th graders as they practice and compete with other students around the world!

Kids Love it!
Whether your child prefers competing with others or practicing on their own, they'll love designing their own characters and earning points by solving problems. CarrotSticks takes the friction out of motivating your child to go the extra mile with math by making it social and fun!
Rigorous Practice
Playing CarrotSticks means solving math problems, step by step, in a uniform way. Through repeated practice, CarrotSticks kids build valuable speed and "muscle memory," both of which are key to success in mathematics.
Social AND Safe
CarrotSticks makes math fun by making it social, but because CarrotSticks doesn't allow full names or "free chat," you can rest assured that your child is safe online while playing CarrotSticks.
Conceptual Understanding
CarrotSticks kids can practice on their own or compete with their peers, solving elementary math problems. Each problem category is divided into 25 levels designed by doctoral students at the Stanford School of Education to emphasize specific skills and concepts.
The Student is in Control
CarrotSticks kids can choose to practice on their own, or they can go head-to-head with their peers in realtime matches. In both cases, students choose the problem difficulty level right for them, building skills and confidence at their own pace.
CarrotSticks is for parents who are serious about providing their 1st - 5th grade students with an early edge in mathematics. Serious progress takes dedication from both student and parent, and CarrotSticks takes the friction out of supplemental education by making math a social and engaging experience for the student.

CarrotSticks is free for unlimited practice and competition in Addition. You can purchase CarrotSticks Plus for $5.95 per month, which allows for unlimited practice and competition in Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division for a fraction of the cost of most tutoring services!

CarrotSticks is currently free for unlimited classroom use (7am to 3pm). Should the student desire access at home, a subscription can be purchased for as low as $3.95 per month!

Your child can start playing CarrotSticks now for free! To begin your free trial, click Try Now below. If you’d like to upgrade your account for unlimited practice and competition, click Buy Now!